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Generating Leads Through Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing that brings new business to you

Marketing is the key that unlocks everything in your business. With great marketing, your company can enjoy the benefits of having leads come to you. That's our goal here at CheshTech is to help bring new business to you without the pains of having to do any cold outreach. Nobody likes cold calling or getting cold called!

We work specifically with you to learn about the goals of your business and how your marketing supports those goals. We will create a customized strategy for your business based on those goals in order to get maximized results.

We are proud to offer a variety of funnel driven services to drive traffic to your website, or complete your specific call to action. We focus our digital marketing services on social media management, content creation, branding, email marketing, On-page and technical SEO, and content marketing strategies including blogging and vlogging.

Social Media and Community Management

Hoping to increase your engagement and generate more leads through your social media marketing channels? The team at CheshTech can help you grow with targeted followers that will engage with your content and generate your target audience. We can help you across various social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. Social media is an essential part of your company's marketing success.

CheshTech Social Media

Content Creation

You can't have a great social media and marketing presence without standout content that makes your audience stop while scrolling through their feed. Our social media experts also focus on content creation to ensure that your content catches the eyes of your target market. Branding on your social media channels plays an important role in your growth and converting followers into paying clients/customers.

CheshTech Social Media

Email Marketing

Capturing a list of emails from your target audience is one of the most efficient ways to generate long lasting sales for your company. We'll help you generate high converting email campaigns that will aim to educate and convert your audience into clients/customers. Email marketing is an essential part of e-commerce and services businesses to guarantee that you're making your best efforts to keep your target market engaged and coming back to buy more.

CheshTech Social Media

Sales Funnel Creation and Consulting

Feeling lost on how to funnel leads into paying customers/clients? Here at CheshTech we'll consult with you to fully understand your business and give you our expert opinion on the best way for your business to generate revenue based on your current sales funnel. Creating a funnel system that works for you to generate inbound leads is the key to long term business success.

CheshTech Social Media

Meet our Director of Marketing

Raquel has been with CheshTech since January of 2021! She began as the social media marketing manager and is now in charge of marketing for our client projects. She's Latina and proud having been born in Peru before moving to France while she was young. Raquel speaks an impressive three languages fluently (Spanish, French, and English).

She specializes in social media marketing, branding, and content creation. Her emphasis is on engagement and organic growth to build, engage, and keep a consistent and loyal brand of followers to your brand. In addition, she is an expert in overall marketing strategy to properly build marketing funnels that create organic traffic to your website to fulfill your company's goals. Interested in working with CheshTech and Raquel? Book a free consultation below!

CheshTech Raquel Cespedes Diaz

CheshTech Marketing Director: Raquel Cespedes Diaz

Our Process

Introductory Meeting

We'll talk about your problem and the solutions you are looking for in a FREE consultation to see if we are a match to do business together.

Initial Proposal and Estimate

Based off our conversation, we'll align your goals and needs and create a custom proposal and estimate for your specific project.

Goal Setting

Upon agreement on a proposal, we'll sit down and set both short and long term goals that are challenging, but attainable for your business.

Marketing Strategy Document

We'll get to work and deliver an in-depth and complete Marketing Strategy Document outlining your goals, our marketing strategy, competitor analysis, and how we expect to meet your goals and grow your business.

Content Creation and Social Media Branding

Establishing your branding and social media presence is an important step to the long term success of your marketing plan. During this time we'll use your branding, or re-brand your content with attractive, dynamic, and conversion centric social media templates.

Content + Inbound Marketing

We want leads to come to you. In this stage, we'll start creating content such as blogs, vlogs, email newsletters, and more so your target market knows you're the experts in your industry and the best company to do business with.

Cruise on AutoPilot

At this stage, we'll have done all the upfront work with you and you can sit back and relax as we do the work for you as you watch new leads come in, and watch your revenue grow.

Weekly Meetings

We'll dedicate a weekly meeting at a time slot that works for you to discuss our progress and ways we can continue to innovate going forward.

Our marketing clients

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Let's Get Your Project Started

Schedule a 30 minute video consultation and we'll discuss your problem, recommend solutions, and most importantly get to know your business. You'll speak directly with CheshTech CEO William Cheshier.

Don't feel like meeting face to face to start? Fill out our contact form and our team will get back to you ASAP.

CheshTech William Cheshier

CheshTech CEO: William Cheshier

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