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Product Design and Development to Accelerate Your Business

High performing web and mobile applications to deliver the product of your dreams

The world continues to see a rapid change in its business environment and every company must adapt to become a technology company. It's no longer a luxury, but a necessity for companies to think about and develop its own set of products and platforms.

We make sure we use an optimal mix of both next-gen technology and design to help you build products you're proud of. Our focus is to build products and platforms that are customer-centric, scalable, and that are aligned with your strategic vision to build revenue and enhance the user experience.

It's our priority to work directly with our clients to ensure their MVP, product iteration, feature integration, and more is developed and designed with their company goals in mind.

Growth Driven Development To Enhance Your Business Goals

Product Development

Looking to execute your best ideas in the form of a new digital product? Focusing on scaling or optimizing what you already have? Here at CheshTech we're here to help you reach your goals! Our product development experts focus on building user-centric digital products that lead their respective markets helping you unlock your innovation, satisfy your users and grow your business.

CheshTech Raquel Cespedes Diaz

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Feature Development

Have a product but looking at your next iteration to further enhance and scale your business? We focus on helping you with your product strategy and growth by assessing your product and helping you build out the next feature to satisfy your users. We ensure your feature is developed with your consumers in mind to give you the best potential to grow your product and company.

CheshTech Raquel Cespedes Diaz

Mobile App Development

It's no secret that modern consumers are using their phones more than ever to interact with their favorite brands and discover new companies. It's up to you to meet them where they live on mobile to grow your revenue and your market share. CheshTech can help you build and deploy new mobile applications faster, bring your UX to the next level, and grow your consumer base through mobile apps.

CheshTech Raquel Cespedes Diaz

Dev Ops and Cloud Strategy

Want to have a better understanding of your development processes and ensure that you're meeting your operational vision at a high level? CheshTech can help you optimize your resources using lean methodologies to reach your DevOps potential much faster. It's time to create a custom, scalable cloud roadmap! CheshTech's experts can help you provide precisely defined frameworks that are crafted from our experience with successful cloud strategy projects. We ensure that our strategy focuses on careful consideration of security requirements, potential management changes and needs, technical documentation, and improving processes.

CheshTech Raquel Cespedes Diaz

Meet our CTO

William Whatley has over 5 years of experience in the technology world serving various different roles. From concept to at-scale, he has worked with startups and enterprises in meeting and exceeding their ever-evolving technical objectives. Now working as CTO of CheshTech in a Fractional CTO role he helps ideate, strategize implementations, source engineers, manage project teams, architect and design systems, and oversee production environments.

He has experience with big data, machine learning, native and web apps. Combined, he has designed, developed, deployed, and managed applications with over 90,000 users and $3M in ARR.

CheshTech Services William Whatley

CheshTech CTO: William Whatley

Our Process

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation and let us know what you're goals are and what you want out of the meeting. We'll make sure to prep and be ready to engage in a productive conversation about the best steps forward for you and your goals.

Introductory Meeting

We'll meet and go over what your goals are for your product and development processes. At the end of the meeting, our experts will provide you with meaningful feedback and best recommendations moving forward.

Crafting Your Estimate and Proposal

When agreed upon, we'll get started working on building a solution that is best suited for you and your product goals. Our proposal and estimate will be crafted with care with your best interests in mind.

Proposal Review

Upon completion of the proposal, we'll go over the proposal with you to ensure we've met all of your needs and goals within the proposal. You'll have an opportunity to properly review and get back to us at a time that works best for you.

Getting started

Our next steps after the approval of the proposal and signing of the contract will be to dive even further into your product and start the process of developing an in-depth strategy for your product. We'll meet again to ensure we're on the same page to begin the development or sourcing of your project.

Development Process

Now is the fun part! We'll start the design, development, and system building process for your product. Of course, we'll keep you updated on a regular basis as our team of experts get started on creating a product that will drive growth to your business and provide your user with an optimized product.

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CheshTech CEO: William Cheshier

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