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Iffert Media: Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Iffert Media is a Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency based in Nashville, TN. The company does great work within social media marketing and helps their clients get to the next level in acquiring leads, and also converting sales.

A terrific company, and easy to work with, they needed help converting website visitors of their own. Armed with an excellent social media attack, we were hired to help convert all those website visitors into prospective new clients with an excellent website design, structured user journey, and on-page implementation of SEO.


The previous website structure lacked in important areas such as using a consistent layout, setting up a user journey to convert on the website’s goals, quality images, a lack of appropriate copywriting, lack of on-page SEO, and insufficient calls to action.

The various challenges set the stage for an exciting challenge in the redesign of the website. Previously being hosted by the Constant Contact website builder, I took on the challenge of developing this new website with hard code.

Implementing these areas into the new design would set up the potential for the client to see a spike in website traffic, more leads, and a higher conversion rate. The client’s goals were to have an attractive website, and to capture leads via a contact form.

After speaking with the client and determining his needs and consulting him on the best ways to solve these challenges, it was time to get to work on the new website.

The Solution: How did I help?

The challenges required unique solutions for Iffert Media’s goals, while also matching the company’s vision for the design process. The client offered his opinions and preferences on the design and gave me the resources to bring his vision to life.

The importance of an attractive and inviting header photo was the first implementation. The cover photo of Nashville provides the visitor an immediate look on the beautiful skyline, while also emphasizing the location of the company. Implementing the redesigned logo on the navigation bar within an even container also gives the visitor an all encompassing look at the website’s message upon entering.

The layout was an important aspect in the redesign in order to provide an easy to follow container that doesn’t put too much strain on the visitor’s eyes darting from one section of the website to another. Using a consistent container on each of the website’s four pages, the elements are even with each other providing the consistency the client was looking for.

Implementing a strong UX (user experience) was the next important feature in the website redesign. The website has various calls to action (CTA) throughout the website that helps guide the visitor to both the services, and the contact page where the contact form is located leading to higher conversion rates.

The calls to action are an important element of the customer journey. I focused on guiding the visitor during their visit. In the above example, this is the first section of the homepage after scrolling down from the header. You can see the easy journey set up for the visitor with the first button guiding them to the services section to find out how Iffert Media can meet their needs.

Meanwhile, the second CTA sends the visitor to the contact page in order to fulfill their request for a free consultation.

These two examples highlight the importance of Iffert Media’s goal to implement an easy to follow customer journey in order to increase leads and sales.

The on-page SEO element focused on implementing keywords into the copywriting of the website in order to match Google search queries. The technical side of the SEO implementation was also important ensuring the proper sitemaps, robots.txt, title and header tags, meta descriptions, and schema were put in place to ensure Google’s robots can properly read what the website is about.

This is important for SEO and search rankings for your website. The higher your website is on Google, the more visitors and traffic you will get.

Final Results

Still in its early stages being released in early August, the Iffert Media website is primed for success. I implemented Google Analytics into the website’s structure and Iffert Media is currently seeing an increase in traffic since the launch of their website redesign.

The analytics will be a tremendous indicator in the long term success of the company, as well as the benefits of their website redesign.

The final results lead to a more polished and clean looking website, utilizing high quality images, mobile responsiveness, on-page SEO, enhanced UX features, and the optimization of copywriting. Iffert Media now boasts a website that they can be proud of.

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