Case Study: Interior Motives Flooring Inc.

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Interior Motives Flooring Inc.

Interior Motives Flooring Inc. is a flooring and installation company serving the South Puget Sound area just south of Seattle, WA. The company is well established having been around for over 31 years, but were looking for a more modern and digital approach to their company.

Having used older tactics to get clients with referrals in the past, the new website was going to be designed with a more fresh approach. A specific call to action and goal: Get more clients to book an estimate.


The previous website design was aesthetically pleasing, but lacked some direction on the CTA (Call to Action). The goal was to go over the main priorities and goals with the client, and develop a dynamic solution that will reach that goal.

The client is tech savvy and wants to play a role in the long term development and performance of the website. For that reason, we elected to utilize WordPress and the WP Bakery theme builder to design the website.

We asked the client what he wanted the most out of his website and after determining that converting visitors into warm leads was the main goal, we implemented a CTA that focused on visitors booking a free estimate.

In addition, we took the time to discuss the vision for Interior Motives Flooring and what they hope to accomplish in the future. We made sure to listen to the owner’s goals and apply the type of feel and vision into his website.

The long term goal is to build Interior Motives Flooring and create a brand association that feels like an interior designer, but does the heavy lifting of a flooring and installation company.

The Solution: How did we help?

First, it was listening to the client and finding out what goals he wanted to accomplish. We recognized his main goal would be to convert more visitors into leads thus searching for a conversion based website.

With this in mind, we focused the website approach on encouraging users to book a free estimate with the company. We came up with this logic because with flooring and installation one of the biggest questions has to do with cost. By making this the primary CTA, we can play on the pain point of the website visitors and encourage them to reach out to get that price estimate they want.

In regards to choosing a technology to build with the website, we decided on WordPress because it provides flexibility for the client. He is tech savvy and would like to be able to make some content changes as he pleases so this was the best option in this case versus a custom coded website or through a static site generator like Gatsby.

The client told me he wanted a lighter tone and to create a nicer and more elegant design compared to other flooring and particular installation companies. We decided the best approach would be to use a simple, clean, yet aesthetically pleasing design. This focused with utilizing his brand colors but with a primarily white background throughout the site.

This gives the website an easy and clean look that symbolizes to visitors that they are getting a high quality carpet that matches the high quality company they would be working with.

In addition, we optimized the site speed of the website and utilized proper caching techniques and technical SEO so the client could begin a full SEO campaign to improve Google rankings.

Final Results

The website has seen a dramatic increase in traffic and has seen much higher conversion rates than the previous version of the website built on Wix. The best performing call to action has been the Free Estimate page that you see in the photo above. This is great as that is the specified goal of the website.

We will be monitoring the success and improvements this site provides the client through careful analytics and data measurements. With properly directed traffic, we look forward to seeing this client increase their conversion rates!

Stay tuned for updates on the success of Interior Motives Flooring!

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