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A web application developed with the purpose of expanding the dynamic of the designer-developer relationship. The application scrapes URLs to generate screenshots that are used for designer, developer, agency, and marketing teams to increase workflow and production. Upon generating the screenshot, the user now can utilize features such as dynamic commenting, tagging other users, invites to projects, and commenting on potential changes to the design of the created screenshot.

The application features a login system designed to store user data and roles, and give them the power to interact with other users on projects to increase work production, and ease communications.

Roles Served

Founding employee and full stack developer (React, Redux, Node, MongoDB).


A founding employee working in a full stack developer role, I was responsible for working with the designer to implement the designer’s vision. Using the designs, I developed UI features to spec, while also implementing development functionality.

I worked with the CTO and project lead to develop the necessary front-end UI features that required a deep understanding of the React, Redux, Node, and MongoDB relationship.

This application required many challenges throughout the development process. As an application that stores user data, we had to ensure a proper architecture set-up to connect with our React, Redux, Node, and MongoDB stack. We used the redux store to store user data and communicated with the node server using local APIs.

Using selectors, this information becomes readily available on the front-end whenever the user needs to login, update, change, delete, add, or edit any features to their profile.

The main feature of the application is to scrape URLs, or upload user screenshots of the project’s pages, in order for the users to make comments requesting edits to the project. The application allows for users to make comments on top of the screenshot and tag users within the comment to notify them.

This required specialized functionality to fit the screenshot with a scrolling feature within the container. We also had to implement mouse hovering and following techniques to register the location coordinates of the comments on the page.

Value Propositions

  • Provide development, design, and marketing teams with an application to streamline and specify edits to current project
  • Increases communication and add clarity to edit suggestions on a team’s project
  • Allows users to insert urls where they are scraped displaying snapshots of pages, or manually upload a snapshot giving user flexibility on type of screenshot to work with
  • Implementation of user information allows users and team members to interact with each other with instant notifications to alert targeted user
  • Will increase efficiency and workflow of target teams allowing them to increase workflow production and benefit their clients

Parakeet is developed and designed for development, design, and marketing teams to work within their teams to further increase their workflow production. Parakeet gives teams the advantage of utilizing a visual pinpointing commenting feature that gives the user a live visual understanding of what is required to make the requested edit.

Teams utilizing this application will be able to cut unnecessary time describing the requested edit. The application will allow the user to get an immediate visual of the change that is requested of them. With the visual, the user will be able to make the edit in a much quicker and effective manner.

This application will increase workflow and increase production while decreasing time spent on projects. This will lead to completing projects quicker and satisfying the client.

Current stages

Parakeet is currently in the Beta testing stage and seeking investment. We are developing and making the necessary fixes to any bugs, and also enhancing and adding features to the application.

If you’re interested in testing the application, please contact me and we can get you set up.

Check out the the application here.

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